Antique Rug and Carpet Restoration

"Most of our work comes from repeat business and our clients are some of the leading dealers, collectors and institutions in the UK and the USA."

Our associates restoration services are renowned in the rug world due to the quality of craftsmanship involved, and their capability of matching the colours, texture and materials of all antique arugs and carpets.

They work with the same level of confidence and expertise whether they have a European Savonnerie carpet, a large Persian Serapi or Mahal, a Turkish Oushak with pale colours, an early 19th century Turkoman Tekke rug, a delicate 18th century Anatolian Konya Kilim or an American Indian Navajo Blanket at hand.

They have been restoring 16th- to 20th-century rugs, carpets, kilims and tapestries of all types, to museum standards, with recycled wool from antique rugs and natural dyes where appropriate for many years.

They have a carefully selected team of approximately thirty expert repairers who practice their craft in their workshops in Turkey. The workshops have an in-built laboratory, with the capacity for accurately matching some 2000 colours.

Most of their work comes from repeat business and their clients are some of the leading dealers, collectors and institutions in the UK and the USA.

Their restoration facilities are located in a small town in central Turkey that has been renowned for handmade rug production since the 13th-14th century. This enables them to employ some of the very best craftsmen in the country, and also reduces their costs significantly as compared to using repairers in Europe or USA. This allows them to compete with any repair business in the world, in terms of both quality and cost.

They have a large quantity of references available from some of the leading rug dealers and collectors of the world.

Please do not hesitate to send us images of any rug in need of restoration, for a totally free, no obligation whatsoever quote. If you would then like them to restore your rug, they can arrange its collection and delivery wherever you may be in the world. Your rugs will be fully insured at the level you require while they are in transit, and in their facilities.

They have regular monthly shipments from London and New York and their representative travels to the UK and US 3-4 times a year to examine clients` carpets in need of restoration, to understand their needs clearly and to give them accurate quotes for complex projects.

Whatever your requirements may be, please do not hesitate to email us by clicking here.