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We receive many emails from happy customers. The amount is far too large to list them all so below is just a small selection.

Please note: It is now a criminal offence for businesses to falsify customer testimonials so please be assured that all comments on this page are genuine. Emails are on file and available for inspection by any relevant government authority.

“It arrived today, brilliantly packaged, and it is amazing. We couldn’t have ever expected something so detailed and so professional – thank you.”

“I arrived home at noon to find my lamps had been delivered. I love them! What I pity I don’t have more rooms which could accommodate another pair of lamps.
Seriously, I cannot fault the quality of your product, the speed of your delivery and the quality of your personal service. I shall have no hesitation whatever in recommending Amiska to friends and family and I cannot thank you enough for your personal input to this order.I wish you much success in the future, you deserve it. Best wishes and thanks,” Mrs R (Second time buyer)

“I just wanted to say thank you for my lamps. They are stunning and timeless. I love the attention to detail and the quality and originality is lovely. I saw a woman today picking up a very boring lamp from a high street shop who was paying more and I thought was a bargain I was getting.Thank you again for your service which was all exceptional. If only other sellers provided the same.” Mrs C

“Thanks for the update. Can’t wait!” Mr L  

“Thanks for your prompt and reassuring response. Very impressive!” Mr C   

“Many thanks for your swift reply.” Mr S  

“It’s been a pleasure emailing you” Mr C  

“Many thanks. If only everyone took service so seriously! Mrs C  

“Thank you so much” Mrs W  

“All arrived safe and well” Mrs F  

“Thank you. It all sounds most helpful” Mrs V  

“They look good and thank you for your assistance” Mr M  

“Have just received the lamp. It is gorgeous, sooo pleased with it, colour absolutely perfect, a lovely creamy tone. Lovely quality, just what I have been looking for for ages. Many thanks, very happy customer :-)” Mrs W  

“Many thanks for the wonderful lamps which are indeed delightful.  I also want to thank you for the excellent service given and it has been a treat purchasing from your company once more” Mrs V  

“Thank you for your email, you are most helpful” Mrs F  

“Thats fantastic!” Mrs J  

“Thanks, really appreciate your help”Mrs M  

“Thank you for your prompt replies.” Mrs S  

“Thank you for all your help” Mrs S  

“Thanks so much for getting back to me and for all the trouble you have gone to” Mrs H  

“The lamps arrived at the scheduled time and are absolutely lovely. A neighbour has already commented on them, and I was very happy to recommend Amiska to her. Thank you once again for your great service.” Mrs T  

“Lovely” Mrs R  

“Wonderful thank you” Mrs T  

Many thanks for the update and welcome news”  

I must thank you very much for your kind attention and excellent service” Mr S  

“We have unpacked and set up the lamps. We are really pleased with them’ Mr C  

“Great thanks very much and it looks fab” Mrs S  

“That all sounds wonderful” Mrs M  

“I think they are lovely.Thank you once again for all your help” Miss M  

“Great, thanks very much” Mrs S  

“Thanks for keeping me informed” Mr L  

“Thank you so much for all the trouble you are taking” Mrs M  

“Good morning and thank you for that” Mrs M  

“Thanks very much for the rugs, they look great.” Mrs S  

“Thanks – yes I found a place for another one as the first is so good!”  Mr C  

“Thank you for the service and I  come back for a couple more in future!” Mr G  

“It arrived this morning, and its perfect.” Mrs B  

“Thank you so much for all your help.” Mrs M  

“Arrived Monday and we are very pleased with” Mr B  

“The Lamps arrived last night and they certainly have the wow factor, they are exactly what I have been looking for!” Mrs E  

“Many thanks for the pictures. I am very grateful for all the trouble you have taken.” Mr B  

“We have got the lamp and cream shade and we love it!!! ” Mrs T  

” I just collected my delivery, which happened to be within the predicted time slot on the online tracker.  Thanks very much for your meticulous follow up and delightful customer service.
It was my pleasure doing busness with Amiska. Warm regards and seasons greetings” Mr K  

“What speedy service! The lamps are lovely, thank you so much” Mrs P  

“Arrived as promised in perfect condition thank you” Mr C  

“They’ve arrived and they are absolutely fantastic – better than I had imagined. Thank you so much and also for your attentive service.” Mr G  

“Another stunning lamp has just arrived – thank you. ” Mr C  

” I just want to say thank you for the very high level of service you have given over this small order.  You have outshone just about everyone I deal with – and I do nearly all my shopping online as we live in the middle of nowhere! ” Mr H  

” All arrived safe and sound and  I say want fantastic lamps, so fantastic my wife has asked me to order some more for our other rooms! ” Mr J  

” Whoah, that was quick!” Mr C  

“Great, thanks for the update” Mrs S  

“That’s great thanks” Mr C  

“Thanks for the quick response” Ms R  

“Bonjour and thank you”  Mr C  

” Thank you for coming back to me so promptly” Mrs F   

” Thanks for the notice.  Excellent service” Mrs D  

” We are very impressed” Mr B  

” All received OK. They are lovely”  Mrs M  

“Just to say I absolutely love my lamp! It’s exactly what I wanted ! Thank you for all your attention. I’ve no doubt I’ll be back!” Miss S  

” Thanks – they arrived today. They look excellent – thanks for keeping me posted” Mr P  

” That would be splendid! Thank you” Mrs B  

“We have been searching for some considerable time for a suitable one for our living room and we think that this one should just be what we have been looking for” Mr L  

“Many thanks for the update regarding my lamp delivery” Mrs S  

“Not many firms would be as helpful as you with as much info either, its rare nowadays and its appreciated, many thanks” Mrs F  

“Yes a good price” Mr O  

“Thanks ever so much for your help” Mrs T  

“Thanks. Tally-Ho and on we go then” Mrs F  

“We have just safely received the lamp and shade and are pleased to say that they are just what we wanted for our living room after a long time of searching for the right one. Thank you” Mr L  

“Thank you for your trouble” Mr H  

“Many thanks” Mrs S  

“They’re really lovely. Thanks again.” Ms D  

“Thanks for the info” Mr S  

“Lamp arrived. Looks stunning we are really pleased” Mr L  

“Thanks for your quick response” Mr S  

“Everything received safely. Many thanks” Mr C  

“I just wanted to say thanks for the lamps – they are really lovely. Many thanks” Mrs M  

“Thank you very much for the excellent customer service'” Mrs A  

“Lamps arrived as promised. Excellent Lamps and Excellent Service. Thank you” Mr D  

“Thank you – that’s great” Mrs M  

“”Wonderful!  Thanks” Mrs B  

“Thank you for your prompt response, great service.” Mrs P  

‘Thank you so much once again, it is just lovely” Mrs C  

“Love it!  Thank you!” Mrs B  

“Many thanks, I think it’s going to be just the thing!” Mrs W  

“Many thanks” Ms P  

“Thank you so much, you have really made my day!” Mrs C  

“Smashing, thanks. Will be ordering this evening!” Mrs H  

“The lamps are lovely” Mr D  

“Thank you for your patience and helpful advice.” Mrs W  

“Arrived safely.  We are very pleased with it.  Many thanks for a great level of service” Mr L  

“Thanks so much for coming back to me with this.” Ms C  

“Fabulous! Can’t wait to receive it.  Many thanks for your assistance” Mrs D  

“Just wanted to touch base and say thanks for the last rug. Truly lovely and the perfect match for my customer!  A little jealous as its so stunning!” Mrs W  

“Thx all arrived safely, lamps fab” Mrs N  

“Arrived on time & we are pleased with them. Thank you” Mrs M  

“Thanks for keeping me informed” Mrs M  

“Many thanks for your prompt reply” Mrs R  

“They are absolutely beautiful…thank you !!” Mrs W  

“Arrived safely. Nice lamp – thanks very much.” Mr C  

“Many thanks for your help and excellent service.” Mr G  

“Excellent! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!” Ms S  

“It is lovely” Mrs M  

“They’ve arrived safely and look beautiful.” Mrs C  

“Excellent – lights are lovely and the service and contact was brill” Mrs C  ”

“Thank you for the lamps, they arrived at about 11.10am which was great. I am very pleased with them” Mrs C  

“Much obliged!” Mr P  

“Pleased to report that the statue arrived safely this morning and was in perfect condition. My wife thinks it is just perfect. Once again thanks for your help in getting this delivered spot on her birthday.” Mr T  

“Many thanks for your research and kind assistance with this.” Mr P  

“Arrived absolutely on time. Amiska has the most beautiful products and you give it a very personal service. We have enjoyed buying from you and would recommend you and your company to anyone.” Mrs H  

“Thanks for your excellent attentive customer service!” Mrs I  

“Lamps arrived and we are thrilled with them. Will order more in due course.” Mrs H  

“Thanks for your e-mails, lamps arrived okay and on time.Not moved to do this very often, but having trawled around many shops and web sites trying to find what we wanted, without success, I stumbled across your site, almost by accident. Confess I was hesitant, as I had never heard of you, but based on this purchase I can only make the following comments:-

Product – Excellent
Value for money – Excellent
Service – Excellent
Many thanks for your help, lamps look exactly the way we wanted in situ.” Mr J  

“MANY thanks. They have arrived, are unpacked and are looking grand in their places.” Mrs C  

“Lovely thank you merry xmas” Mrs N  

“Beautiful product and arrived super quickly. Many thanks” Mrs N  

“Excellent product. Excellent Service. Wife thrilled.” Mr P  

“Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it!” Mr P  

“Best wishes to you for the festive season” Mr R  

“Just thought you’d like to know that the lamp arrived in good time this morning. It’s very beautiful, we love it, and its been a pleasure doing business with you.” Mrs C  

“I’ve had the delivery and very happy.” Ms T  

“Just to let you know we took delivery of statue this morning.We are both highly delighted with it.Thank you” Mr L  

“Received the lamp & again we are very pleased with it. We now own three beautiful lamps which we have purchased from you & get much pleasure admiring them” Mr H  

“Perfect. Thank you.” Mrs W  

“The lamps arrived yesterday and I love them – complete my sitting room beautifully.Thank you for all your help and I will highly recomment amiska”. Mrs F  

“Everything has arrived safely intact.” Ms A  

“It has just been delivered. Very nice too.” Mr R  

“Thank you so much the lamps are beautiful. I love them. Have given your e-mail address to my sister as she  want some also!” Mrs L  

“Wonderful, absolutely fabulous” Mrs R  

“All received, many thanks. They are splendid!” Mrs B  

“Just unpacked them and they are all stunning!Thanks.Super super quick too. I’m very pleased” Mrs W  

“The lamps are lovely in my living room. They arrived the day before my overseas visitors so I am very pleased. Thank you for your excellent service and very speedy delivery. You could not have been more helpful. I will certainly use your service again if I am ordering more lamps.” Mrs G  

“It has arrived and it is fabulous, I love it and it could not fit the space better. Thank you very much” Mrs G  

“Just a note to say the garden urns arrived and the bride and groom are delighted with them, I just have to complete their joy with exceptional flowers. Thanks for all your help will definitely recommend your company” Mrs C  

“Arrived safe. We love them!” Mrs  

“Brilliant, thanks very much.” Ms H  

“Would like to thank you for your fantastic customer service. Have already shared your link with friend’s and I believe you have beautiful things of excellent quality.” Mrs H  

“Our lovely shades have arrived and the lamps look absolutely terrific.” Mrs T  

“All done – many thanks.” Ms L  

“Just to let you know that the lamps arrived safely. We have only opened them today as they were a birthday present, but they fit in the room very well and we’re very happy with them.” Mr K  

“They are assembled and working fine. Very many thanks.” Mr M  

“Well it is here, arrived just before we left this morning, had quick look before I went out. Have got home and had a real look and I love it, it is gorgeous it fits in the room perfectly.Once again thank you for your help.You have great customer service and fantastic products.” Mrs L  

“The lamps are perfect. It was very nice to know exactly when they would arrive and they did! Your service is excellent, thankyou.” Mrs D Jul 

“Thank you.I wasnt expecting a reply on a Sunday!!” Mrs W  .(Amiska note: We reply to emails every day of the year)

“Thank you for your quick response to my question!” Mr P  

“I have received the lamp, it is absolutely beautiful.Thank you.” MS P  

“The lamp came exactly on time and it is beautiful. thanx.” Mrs G  

“The rug arrived this morning and we immediately opened it. Its fabulous” Mrs M London  

“Thanks so much for your prompt response,” Mrs K  

“I absolutely love these lamps” Mr N  

“We have received them and we are very pleased. Thank you very much for keeping us informed throughout.” Mr H  

“Thanks for replying so quickly.” Mrs H  

“Arrived on time – many thanks” Ms B  

“Hello there, received and we are well pleased, thank you.” Mr D  

“Our lamps arrived safe and sound yesterday.  They are beautiful!  We could not be more pleased, and would recommend Amiska to anyone.  Thank you again for your help with this order and if we can find spaces for more lamps we know where to come!” Mrs F  

“Goods arrived within 24hrs. Very pleased!!!” Mr N  

“How absolutely lovely – thank you very much for all your help.” Mrs S  

“Thank you again!” Mr A  

“We unwrapped it… and absolutely love it.” Mrs S  

“Just wanted to say that I love the Buddha Face.” Mrs Y  

“Thank you for your help and quick response” Ms N  

“The mirror is very nice” Ms K  

“Thank you for prompt reply.  Yes lamps are brilliant which is why I am considering buying 2 more!” Mrs P  

“That is very good news, Thanks a lot! Much appreciated” Mr K  

“The lamps arrived safely this afternoon. My husband and I are very pleased with them!” Mrs D  

“Arrived today, very impressed, excellent packaging and delivery, we will be ordering more” Mr S  

“I have so far unpacked one and am very happy with the quality and value for money. They are exactly as described on the website. I am also very happy with the personal service you offer” Mr C  

“Thats so fantastic thank you can’t wait!” Ms S  

“Lamps arrived today very pleased we are with them too !” Mr A  

“Received on time – Love it, its beautiful!” Ms O  

“Has arrived in A1 condition.Thanks for your excellent service” Mrs S  

“The lamps arrived on time, as estimated, and they’re now up and running. As you promised, they’re beautiful. Exactly what we’d hoped for. Mr W  

“Many thanks, my lady loves the mirror!” Mr B  

“I have just received my cushion covers and wanted to let you know that I am delighted with them. The quality of the workmanship is excellent and the designs are lovely.” Mrs M  

“Thanks for your prompt response” Mr W  

“If the lamp is as good as the service you have provided  I will certainly consider other purchases and recommend Amiska.” Mr W  

“Lamp delivered on time as you advised. Fantastic quality €” you were right – l love the lamp and it is super. Thanks again for your excellent service.” Mr W  

“Thank you sooooooooo much” Mrs W  

That was quick, thank you.” Ms G  

“Thank you for your swift reply.” Mr G  

“Great.  This is perfect.” Mr P  

“Lamps received very promptly and now have pride of place. Many thanks for service. I will certainly be recommending your site.” Mrs L  

“Thank you for such helpful sales guidance. Im looking forward to receiving the lamps.” Mrs L  

“Just to say I received the lamps on Tuesday and they are absolutely stunning. I wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and for the excellent and attentive service. A very satisfied customer!” Ms B ust 

“The lamp has just arrived. Everything in order and very pleased with it.Many thanks for your kind attention.Look out for more orders!”

“I am emailing to say I recieved the cushion covers today. Thank you they are beautifully made and am very pleased with them.” Mrs M  

“Many thanks! Indeed the lamp is absolutely gorgeous, we know where to come if we need another as you are saved in our favourites’ file!” Ms F  

“The lamps arrived today and we are absolutely delighted with them!  Thank you so much for the great service!” MrsM  

“The lamps arrived yesterday and they are lovely.  I am recommending you to all my friends and work colleagues. Many thanks for the wonderful service.  I’m sure I shall be buying more in the future ” Mrs W  

“They are perfect.Thank you for your assistance, and excellent service.” Mr W  

“Thanks for selling us the lovely lamps (Blue butterfly) which look splendid.” Mrs V  

“I have just received my apsara and I love it. Many thanks for the prompt delivery.” Mrs M  

“The Buddha was delivered promptly and you where right – it is a very special piece… exactly what I was hoping for! We managed to hang it on our living room wall yesterday and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help…  very pleased indeed! ” Mrs K  

“Well! the lamps have arrived and I’m so thrilled , lovelier than I could imagine and transformed the rooms – fantastic service too, best wishes ” Mrs H  ”

“You’ll certainly see us again. Thanks again. Really appreciate everything.” Mrs S