This famous amphora, signed by Exekias both as potter and painter, bears the illustration of an episode foreign to the tradition of the poems of Homer: Achilles and Ajax in armour intent on playing with dice or the game of morra, according to an old interpretation. The original dating to ca 540-530BC is in Vatican Museum. It is one of the masterpieces of the Athenian Exekias who together with the Amasis Painter, pioneered the black-figure technique in the second half of the 6th century BC. Achilles and Ajax, both identified by their names added in the genitive. They are sitting across from each other, looking at a block situated between them. The board game they are playing, which might be compared to a backgammon or checkers variant, was played with a dice. According to the words written next to the two players, Achilles proclaims he has thrown a four, while Ajax a three. Although the two of them are pictured playing, they are clearly depicted as being on duty, wearing their body-armour and holding their spears. The rest of their weapons are situated in close proximity, suggesting that they might head back into battle any moment. Apart from the selection of this very intimate, relaxed scene as a symbol for the Trojan War, this vase-painting also showcases the talent of Exekias as an artist: the figures of both Achilles and Ajax are decorated with fine incised details, showing almost every hair.

We utilise the materials and methods used by ancient Greeks and employ only top quality ceramics and paints. As the item is made by hand it may vary slightly from the image shown.

It will be delivered to you direct from Greece in 1 to 2 weeks.

Condition: New. Handmade in Greece. Hand Painted.

Material: Clay

Height: 35cm (14″)