Bronze replica urn of Praxidamas Aiginitis of 59th Olympiad 544 BC

The Aeginitians like all the Ancient Greeks loved sport with passion.

There was a long tradition of Aegina to take part in all known Panhellenic Games, which were held in Olympia in honor of Zeus. The Pythian Games at Delphi in honor of Apollo, in Corinth in honor of Poseidon and Nemea in honour of Zeus.

FIST (Boxing) The genus Vassidon showed 25 times Aeginitians periodonikes (winners in all National Games) Best known from the genus of Aegina Vassidon PRAXIDAMAS was the grandson of Sokleidi Agisimachou has emerged as one time Olympic champion, 5 times Isthmionikis 3 times Nemeonikis.

Height: 23.5cm

Maximum Width: 23cm

Weight: 3.4 kilogram

Material: Bronze

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