Apollo Belvedere Marble Bust , ,

Apollo Belvedere, a bust, after the antique.

The Sun god Apollo, son of Zeus & Leto, twin brother of the Chaste huntress Diana.

He was the archer god of medicine & healing, and as the leader of the Muses he is also god of music & poetry.

This Roman bust is from a full marble statue, said to be the work of Leochares, which was found on one of the Della Rovere properties in the 16th century and was then brought to the Vatican by Julius II, and is still housed in the great collection of the Vatican, Rome, Italy, today.

This bust makes a great pair when twinned with the bust of Diana. Price discounted for the pair. Please click here to view.

Artist: Leochares

Museum: Pio Clementine Museum, Vatican City

Time Period: Roman

Height 53cm. Weight 15kg.

Larger images are available on request.

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