Mark Anthony ,

Mark Anthony, a bust, in toga drapery.

A fantastic large library bust of Marcus Antonius, who was a Roman politician and general.

He was an important supporter and the loyal friend of Gaius Julius Caesar as a military commander and administrator.

After Caesar’s assassination, Antony formed an official political alliance with Octavian (Augustus) and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, known to historians today as the Second Triumvirate.

The triumvirate broke up in 33 BC. Disagreement between Octavian and Antony erupted into civil war, the final war of the Roman republic, in 31 BC. Antony was defeated by Octavian at the naval Battle of Actium, and in a brief land battle at Alexandria.

He and his lover Cleopatra committed suicide shortly thereafter.

His career and defeat are significant in Rome’s transformation from Republic to Empire.

As a standard these large busts are made much lighter, if you require more weight, please inform at time of ordering.

Size: 80 x 60 x 30 cm. Weight 20kg.

Larger images are available on request.

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