Psyche Of Capua
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Psyche Of Capua Psyche Of Capua Psyche Of Capua Psyche Of Capua Psyche Of Capua

Psyche of Capua


Psyche of Capua, 1st century B.C. after Scopas.

Figure of a goddess with head bent down and right, torso extending to the thighs, top of head sheared.

Found badly mutilated in the amphitheatre at Capua, this sculpture is incorrectly named and more likely represents Aphrodite

Earlier believed to be by Praxiteles, it is rather a copy after a work by Scopas, having characteristic sloping shoulders, globe-shaped breasts.

The figure originally leaned its weight on the right leg and drew the drapery, which covered the lower part of the body, over the left shoulder with the left hand. The head, turned to the right and bent down, suggests the figure may have been part of a group, perhaps with Eros holding a mirror.

Now in the National Museum, Naples.

Height 56cm. Weight 15kg.

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