Large Marble Column


This is a very large round column and is complete with a square base.

The surface of the column has a worn, aged finish to it but we can have it made in a “new” white colour should you wish.

Please let us know by email after ordering or attach a note to the order.

Size: 120cm tall, 45 x 45 at the base 40 cm diam top.

Larger images are available on request.

The stated price includes delivery to you within 14 working days.

As with all our marble works, the quality is so very high we are confident in saying that if you are not thrilled with your purchase you will receive a complete refund without quibble. That is our promise to you. What you will see and touch is no different to marble works in stately homes around the country. Indeed, that is where many of our marble works are housed and on display.