Reproduction marble sculpture in modern times has mostly been made from resins, but these materials have limitations and can deteriorate quickly, and they feel plastic to the touch, not to mention the environmental damage they can cause.

Our sculptures are made in limited numbers and when finished each piece would stand within the finest of interiors or collections, authentic to the eye, smooth and cold to the touch, with fine crisp detail, exactly like an original.

Marble Sculpture

The sculptures we supply are produced by a unique and proprietary dry casting process. White Carrara marble is used and over 90% of the finished sculpture is natural marble which gives it a look and feel of natural marble.

All sculptures are finished by hand and can be finished in many patinas from new to ancient.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Plating

The makers are able to coat sculptures with precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze. It is the skilful and labour intensive process, which gives a quality of finish that would stand above in the finest of interiors. Only the finest precious metals are used, state of the art technology and years of arts and crafts skills, to make the most luxurious art products. They are heavy, and feel priceless to the touch.

The sculptures are made to such a high level of quality, that the work can be hallmarked by the Birmingham assay office. There is an added cost for this service.

Metal Finished Sculpture

The makers can now produce a vast variety of metal finishes, including Bronze, Green Bronze, Blackened Bronze, Copper, Gilt, Nickel Silver, Brass, Steel, Iron, Aluminium, and Lead.

They have developed a system where they can now lay, layers of actual pure metals onto any surface, and then they can work the surface the same as a foundry cast bronze to produce the colour or patina of choice using traditional methods and chemicals.

Because the surface is layered with actual metal it is indistinguishable from a foundry cast metal, by the look and feel, and at a fraction of the price.

They are heavy, and feel priceless to the touch.